Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have a passion for the Visual

There are lots and I mean LOTS of things that I love to do. When I see something that I think is beautiful I wanna know how create that too. It varies from websites till photography from clothing design till Make-up. I love it all! I think the best way to say it is that "I have a passion for the Visual".

A week ago I did a photoshoot with some of my friends and really like the way the pictures came out. I'm getting better and better. And so are they! Can you believe it? This is like her(marlou/model) second photoshoot ever, so she deserves some credit also! See some pictures of the shoot down here. And let me know how you like them! If you have a great idea for a photoshoot please let me know!

Photography: by me
Make-up: by me
Model: Marlou

Feel free to post these pictures on your blog if you like ;)
Well hope you like it and...


just a kid from the west.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outfit Of Today: backbackback

I promised to post more outfit pics but I didnt'....-.-'' Uh uh, I know. To make it up, here's what I wore a few days ago, but I forgot to press the button "Publish", how stupid. Oh, and there's a post coming up of some of the stuff that I bought since I haven't been posting for weeks. So stay tuned! By the way, I love this scarve :D!

Furry vest VILA, my moms Shirt DIDI, studded top Primark, wedges Jeffrey Campbell, legging Coolcat >.<


Just a Kid from the West.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Urban Outfitters: 10-10-10

Hiyaaa, Today I styled this outfit for my website Hope you like it. Click here for the whole article(in Dutch).


Just a Kid from the West.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TMW: Back againn

Hi, hey, hello pretty ladies, how are yaa? Oke so this is my last week of vacation and what more can I say besides that this sucks.. Well anyway, in my last post I mentioned that I was going to Amsterdam again and this is what I bought. Oh and lemme tell ya, I love it all! Annndd I had a great fun day with my BFF, love her.

Left to right: Bobbi Brown lipstick(Papaya), Bobbi Brown Concealer(6 Golden), Bobbi Brown Foundation(6 Golden), Bobbi Brown under eye concealer with powder(6 Golden), Bobbi Brown Powder (4) and a Powder brush by The Body Shop.

Yay, I fi-na-lly have my Bobbi Brown make-up and as expected... I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THESE PRODUCTS! These products are really great, the quality is really good and it stays on all day. I feel like it is improving my skin already and it doesn't break me out at all. I definitely recommend the foundation, concealer and the powder. And also I always had a problem with finding the right color foundation and concealer, because I live in Holland and they don't really have a wide range of colors for like darker skin. So if you have a darker skin color like I do then I totally recomend you to go for Bobbi Brown(If you have light skin I also recommend it because it's just FREGGGIN awesome! hihiih) Love it!
Cleanser by The Body Shop(I really like this, I feel like it cleans my skin really well), Cleansing milk & Lotion by Biotherm(I was trying some new brands and picked biotherm but I don't really like these actually... waste of money)
Bracelets and earrings by H&M, snake ring and nail polish somewhere in a random shop in Amsterdam. =$


Just a Kid from the West

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bobbi Where are youuuu?

Hey you guyss, I mean GIRLS, hihihi. I'm back and I don't know why I am blogging, but I have the urge to go to Amsterdam, again. And i mean ASAP. Can't wait to buy lots and LOTS of Bobbi Brown stuff! Because, the last time I went to Amsterdam we went to Bijenkorf for foundation for my dear friend. And I found out that there was a Bobbi Brown counter!! I totally forgot about that! I have been wanting some Bobbi Brown make-up for the longest time and I finally found it!(Last year they didn't sell Bobbi brown in Holland) The messed up part was that we went like when we were already done with shopping, so I was BROKE... Uh-uh no cash.. D;

Since almost all of my face products(cleanser, toner, moisturizer and foundation) are DEAD AND GONE. I'm starting to get a new face routine. Which reminds me that I totally forgot to post some new facial products that I bought, but I'll post that later. I defenitely have a big wishlist for next weeks Bobbi brown visit, hihihi. Since I like NEVER come in Amsterdam.. I'm just gonna buy it all at once. I defenitely want the Bobbi Brown concealer, concealer brush, foundation, powder and the powder brush. I may buy some other stuff but that right there I will buy for shure. It's gonna be an expensive visit, but defenitely worth every penny!
Anyway, next week, Bijenkorf, IT'S GOING DOWNNNN.

I also hope to find me a nice pair of shoes :D Okeee I got that out. Hope you're having a nice vacation! OMGGG I'm coming to the conclusion that school allmost starts!!! Damnit... Oke bye, hihih.<3


Just a Kid from the West

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TMW: hi, I love SALE :D

Hey lovely ladies, I'm back Again AGAINN I know...-.-'' And I'm not gonna apoligize for not posting this time, hihi what ever. I totally forgot to post this stuff that I bought a few weeks ago while i was in Amsterdam.

Zara Sale blazer
Zare Sale jacket
VILA furry bodywarmer
River Island Sale Floral jeans
Zara Sale sweatpants
Zara Floral shirt/dress
Chanel Hydramax + Active
Chunky ring, green/blue Koh nailpolish, H&M spiked bracelet, River Island heart necklace

Well, I hope you guys had a nice vacation and ahhmmm, TTYL. ;D


Just a Kid from the West

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Back... Again... (TMW & Outift of Today)

I'm constantly neglecting my website and this blog and I'm gonna change that right now! Again, sorry for not posting! Oh and my school stopped so I have vacation right now!! My finals were EASYYY, so I allready know that I'm passing my exams hihiih :] YEEEYYY I'm so happyyy!!

Anyways here's some stuff that I've bought over the past few weeks.

This is a realy cute pastel shirt/dress from ZARA
I love this top, it's the cutest and from H&M
Cute vest from ZARA
Basic Skirt from H&M
SIX had sale, so EVERYTHING was like 1 euro, so you can do the math. Haha yup I spend like 9 euro for it all, that makes my wallet happyyy :]
And I also bought the H&M dress(that everyones got, because it was freggin cheap)
And I got this cute black vest from H&M. Look at the cute Skull I bought at the SIX sale, hihi it's so sweettt :]
And again I was digging through my moms closet and guess what? Yess, I found another great Great GENIOUS piece!! It's a black see through shirt with lots of cool details. And again I don't have a clue how old it is. I guess it's like a few decades old. Maybe older than me and you together, God knows...

Haha come to think of it, about half of my moms closet is sooo old, that it's cool again, hahahah. Too bad she gave lots of cool old vintage clothes to a second hand store.. Oh well I guess they need it better than me.. :]

Because you guys asked for more outfit pics, check out the one from today down here :] AYEE CAPTAINN!<3
H&M jacket and top, Zare shorts & Topshop overknee wedges.


Just a Kid from the West

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outfit Of Today: lelelee

And again I'm still an inactive blogger since I have my finals right now till May 31... D; But my tests are going great!! Even though I'm not doing that much, heehee. So I'm just gonna make outfit pics with my phone, because it's way easier than with my DSLR.

I'm currently really lovin the dark lipstick! I really like the way it looks on me, even tough it doesn't look that fierce in this bad quality picture. -.- I'm wearing a beige H&M jacket, Zara tanktop, Pieces tregging and Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedges. It's not really anything special but I had to post something, since I didn't post in a week. Well I hope you guys still love me, because I still love you guys! :D


Just a Kid from the West

Friday, May 7, 2010

TMW: Granny...?

I know I promised to post an outfit post, but I'm not satisfied with the pictures. I just never post stuff that I'm not a 100% behind, so be patient! I'll do my best to make an outfit post ASAP.

Yesterday I went to a shop called Valentine and the have really cool stuff. They have rings with crazy rocks in 'em! Unfortunately I have really thin fingers so they didn't fit, damnit... They also had snake rings, skeleton rings, etc etc. So I bought two pairs of earrings and a bracelet. They are actually sort of like granny earrings, because they have clips, ahahha. I never in my whole life wore clip earrings, but now I am going to :]

This bracelet is the coolest!


Just a Kid from the West

Sunday, May 2, 2010

TMW: I'm a useless blogger

And again I'm such a useless blogger, because I haven't blogged in days... -.-'' Anyway, last week I bought some stuff for prom. I also bought two black dresses for prom but I'm to lazy to make pictures, plus they were cheap as fugg, hehe. Ohh and prom was so much fun!(after a few drinks...) Mhmkayyy, clearly I don't have shyt to say.

Pumps, Van Haren
Feather Necklace, Sting
Clinique Blush, Douglas


Just a Kid from the West